Paycor Ticket Information

The Paycor Stadium (formerly called Paul Brown Stadium) is everyone’s favorite sporting stadium in Cincinnati, providing you the very best in sports and entertainment that draws in people from all across Ohio. Paycor is known as hosting all the popular sports and music events that come through Ohio. For all major sporting and concert events, we recommend securing your tickets as soon as possible. Even given the size of this stadium, the most popular events still do sell out. Please see below for the ticket providers information and ticket policies.

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Tickets are provided by Ticket Squeeze.
Our ticket are supplied by Ticket Squeeze, a ticketing industry favorite. We have partnered with this ticket provider to grant you the following benefits and guarantee ticket authenticity.

For all events at the Paycor we recommend purchasing your tickets through this website as tickets come with industry leading guarantees.

You are also granted the following ticket benefits listed below. These perks and guarantees are not always available elsewhere!

Remember, we cannot guarantee the authenticity of Paycor Stadium tickets purchased elsewhere. Please do your own research first, if you do decide to purchase your ticket elsewhere.

ticket benefits at Paul Brown Stadium

Low prices and low fees
Get cheaper tickets compared to other ticket sellers! Ticket Squeeze have some of the lowest ticket prices compared to other ticket sellers. Tickets on Ticket Squeeze can be anywhere between 5% – 45% cheaper than other platforms – for the same ticket! Why is Ticket Squeeze cheaper? Simply put, it’s the lower fees. Most ticket marketplaces have service fees at checkout that can be as high as 30%! Most ticket providers prefer to sell less tickets but at much HIGHER markup. Ticket Squeeze believe having lower fees will result in happier customers and more sales overall. Getting a good deal on your ticket helps you enjoy your time at Paul Brown Stadium.

Side-by-side seating
All tickets sold are group friendly. Who doesn’t want to enjoy a sporting or concert event with their friends and family?! That’s why all Paycor Stadium tickets provided via this site are side-by-side (unless of course otherwise stated). Just select the desired amount of tickets and our ticket provider (Ticket Squeeze) will ensure all seats are together. Select your seats in confidence, knowing that everyone you invite enjoys the game together.

Last-minute downloadable tickets
Who hasn’t left something to the last minute?! You won’t be the first to decide last minute you want to go to an event at Paul Brown Stadium! Know that you can purchase downloadable ticket, called an E-ticket. These tickets are emailed directly to you and as a result you can purchase up to just hours before the event on the same day. Simply show the ticket barcode that is emailed to you at the security gates to gain entry. If the ticket is listed for sale, the ticket will guarantee you entry. Please note: downloadable E-tickets require your smartphone. Charge your phone before coming to the Paycor Stadium! Many people turn up to the stadium with a downloadable E-ticket and a dead battery. This happens without fail at every event. Don’t be this person. It is known to cause delays and adds stress that no one wants!

Ticket Guarantee
All tickets sold via this website 100% authentic and come with a industry leading 100% money back guarantee in the event anything goes wrong with the event or ticket. Rest easy knowing your tickets are insured, so if anything goes wrong – you’re covered! Ticket Squeeze has got your back. Unfortunately the ticketing and entertainment industry is filled with illegitimate and fraudulent tickets being sold to unsuspecting customers. Ticket Squeeze is renowned for their 100% authenticity guarantee and has some of the strictest verification tests for any ticket sold on their site. All tickets guarantee entry into the event. We cannot offer this guarantee for any tickets purchased elsewhere.

Event Cancellation and Refund Policy
It is a rare occurrence but event or tour cancellation has been known to happen, often due to performer health etc. If the concert or sports match is postponed, your tickets are automatically valid for the new date. No action or changed are needed on your part. What happens if you can’t attend the new date? Don’t worry! You will be eligible for a refund. If the event gets cancelled completely, you are of course eligible for a full refund. No stress. You are covered in event of either postponement or cancellation.

These guarantees are ONLY for tickets purchased via this website on Ticket Squeeze.

If you purchase your ticket elsewhere, please check the price and read any ticket terms & conditions thoroughly to ensure they are authentic, genuine and fairly priced.